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Get Weird

For all of you that missed AWK's solo piano shows, that sucks. I just got back from seeing him perform live at the "Get Weird" concert series in the New Museum in NYC. It was a room with about 100-150 people and Andrew in the center, playing his piano with the assistance of a drum machine/prerecorded music. Having AWK in the center of that putting his full energy and encouraging people to dance in the very limited area made for a crazy and intimate show.

He first went off playing some guitar/piano duets with another guy in the beginning, and it seemed like a large part of it was based around a theme he just riffed on. After a while on these, he went into his older stuff and established songs. It was all stuff off of I Get Wet, which is fine, but I love the depth of the newer stuff. He ran around the crowd, had me sing half of a part on I Get Wet, and even pleased the crowd with an encore of I Love NYC. This review kind of sucks, but I'm exhausted and wanted to relay the info.

But the tiny, tiny venue and the energy of him and the crowd was something to be experienced. If you can ever get to another solo piano show if he does more, by all means find a way. It was a pretty short show, clocking in at under an hour total, but completely worth the hell of a time getting from western Jersey to NYC.
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